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Zm,al,.. ,am) = @(z,a). Now, it is clear that there is a unique topology on T M such that for each coordinate neighborhood (U,q5) of M , the set TU is an open set of T M and @ : U x Rm T U , defined as above, is a homeomorphism. Thus we have local coordinates ( z i ,u') on T U called the induced coordinates in T M . Next, we prove that, in fact, T M has the structure of manifold of dimension 2m. Let ( U , d ) , (V,$) be two coordinate neighborhoods on M such that U n V # 0;then TU nTV # 0. Let u E T,M,z E U n V .

Vector bundles 23 Note that there always exist local sections since p is a surjective submersion. 3 Let (E, p , M) and ( E ( , p ' , M') be t w o bundles. A bundle morphism ( H , h) : ( E , p ,M) ( E ' , p ' , M') ie a pair of differentiable m a p s H :E E' and h : M -+ M' such that p'o H = h o p . (Roughly speaking, a bundle m o r p h i s m i s a fibre preserving map). 3 one easily deduces that H maps the fibre of E over - x into the fiber of E' over h ( x ) . 4 A bundle m o r p h i s m ( H , h ) : ( E , p ,M) (E',p',M') i s a n isomorphism i f there ezists a bundle m o r p h i s m ( H ' , h') : ( E ' ,p', M') ( E , p ,M) s u c h that H' o H = idE and h' o h = idM.

Sometimes, we shall employ the notation T F ( u )for d F ( z ) ( u ) if there are no danger of confusion. Now,let 2 be a point of M . , T,*M is the dual vector space of T , M ; T,*M is called the cotangent vector s p a c e of M at z and an element a E T,fM is called a t a n g e n t covector (or l-form) of M at z. Then the differential df(z) of f at z E M is a linear mapping Since T f ( , ) R may be canonically identified with R , we may consider df(z) as a tangent covector at 2. Let u E T,M and u a curve in M such that u ( 0 ) = z and b(0) = u.

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