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This booklet is an outline of Luwo, a Western Nilotic language of South Sudan. Luwo is utilized by multilingual, dynamic groups of perform as one language between others that shape person and versatile repertoires. it's a language that serves as a method of expressing the Self, as a medium of paintings and self-actualization, and infrequently as a medium of writing. it truly is spoken in the house and in public areas, by means of relatively huge numbers of people that determine themselves as Luwo and as contributors of every kind of alternative teams. so as to offer insights into those dynamic and numerous realities of Luwo, this ebook includes either a concise description and research of the linguistic good points and buildings of Luwo, and an method of the anthropological linguistics of this language. The latter is gifted within the type of separate chapters on ownership, quantity, experiencer structures, spatial orientation, conception and cognition. In all sections of this research, sociolinguistic info is supplied anyplace this can be important and attainable, distinctive info at the semantics of grammatical good points and structures is given, and discussions of theory-oriented methods to varied linguistic good points of Luwo are offered.

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The entire description is organized very much like a classical Latin grammar, corresponding to standard practice of missionary linguistics of the period. Consequently, state verbs are treated as adjectives, aspect forms as tenses, and so on. But Santandrea was obviously able to obtain deep insights into Luwo, and seems to have been quite knowledgeable about the language; he therefore presents excellent data, and very useful analyses of idiomatic language and some discourse features of Luwo. The second part is a bit difficult to use, as it unsystematically assembles sections on various features, such as phonological variation and verb paradigms.

While derivational suffixes (like those on verbs) harmonise, inflectional ones (like those on nouns) don’t. 2. B. Vowel fusion and dissimilation Vowels undergo sandhi when vowels belonging to several different morphological elements converge. In terms of their quantity, these vowels remain unchanged, but they undergo a modification in their quality. 42) /bé=ú-gɔ̀ɔ̀y=é/ [búúgɔ̀ɔỳ é] neg:ipfv=ipfv-hit=3sg ‘s/he will not hit’ In this example, the first two morphemes are prefixes, which cannot be made to harmonise regressively by the stem, As a consequence, they keep their [+atr] quality, but the vowels become back vowels.

The material provided in these sources is certainly interesting in terms of its use in comparative studies, for instance of Lwoo languages, or dialect comparison, but it clearly does not tell us anything about how people actually spoke Luwo or how the language was used in the different communities. An interesting reaction to this problem comes from contemporary speakers of Luwo. When discussing the value and contents of such historical sources, my Luwo teacher and consultant Pierina Akelo Zubeir mentioned that the divide between missionaries writing about the Luwo, and the Luwo being written about, was an imagined one.

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