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Kt 'refuse' de 'cooked rice' vs. dt 'hole' lei vs. /a/: ctn 'think' vs. pan 'moon' /~/ VS. /e/: COOt 'seat' VS. cern 'time' pant 'twins' vs. pen 'boundary' /~/ vs. /"/: t:;,k 'stwnp' vs. t5k 'tree' d5kal 'cultivate' vs. d5k6l 'bind' /~/ vs. /a/: t~k 'stwnp' vs. tak 'split' coo 'two' vs. can 'tooth' lui vs. /o/: bid 'one' vs. b6l 'head' pul 'ashes' vs. pol 'light' /o/vs. /"/: ko 'to' vs. k~ 'go' t6n 'few' vs. t5n 'bathe' /"/ vs. /a/: c6l 'night' vs. cal 'sit' t6n 'bathe' vs. tan 'rise' Generally speaking, the two highest vowels, front and back, are likely to be confused with each other because of their proximity in the acoustico-perceptual space.

Revitalization at the institutional level in Guinea seems unlikely (Childs 2011a). Virtually no government support exists. Institutions such as IRLA and the now defunct Academie des langues, which IRLA replaced, were established in Guinea for such work but have done very little since some initial enthusiasm. NGOs are dispersed and their efforts uncoordinated. Little interest in revitalization was expressed by anyone under forty. An ethnically Mani university student in Conakry earnestly stated that she would like to participate in the project but did not return for a scheduled appointment, when the project's plans were being formalized.

R/: [r], [r], [l]. Some speakers produced this sound with a notable pharyngeal component (and with rounding, much like the "r" in some American dialects). More commonly, however, one heard a tap or a trill. The trill was 28 Phonemic inventory found fmally, especially when the word was pronounced in isolation. In addition, a very short vowel [~] could be heard after a final [r], as could be heard after most other consonants, much like the Parisian or emphatic "e muet''. 111. The lateral approximant contrasted with the central approximant in all positions and had no significant allophones (cf.

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