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The Hittite texts were written by professional scribes on clay tablets that were impressed with a stylus and dried in the sun and, to a lesser extent, on metal and on wax-covered wooden writing boards (referred to in the texts as gulzattar or, logographically, GIŠ-5 [= Akk. lēʾu]). 1 The cuneiform (from the Latin word for ‘wedge-shaped’) system derives ultimately from Southern Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, where it was devised by the Sumerians for writing their own language and adapted centuries later for writing Akkadian, a Semitic language.

12 obv. 23. 4 rev. 17. 2 rev. ’ Because in most of the cited cases the practice seems unnecessary, one wonders why it was done. In cases where it occurs only once or twice, one could surmise scribal error. 22. For the proposal of kit9 see Goetze 1927: 60 and Sturtevant and Hahn 1951: 13 n. 8. HZL #173 cautiously writes this value (as well as kir8) within parentheses in view of Otten (1973: 23), who questioned the use of kit9 (especially in OH) in view of the observation by von Soden and Röllig (1991: 13) that the value /kit/ for the  sign does not occur in Akkadian texts before the first millenniun.

NH). 137 (p. 4 with n. 10 (p. 138), and AHP 29. Internal sequences of three consonants, the first of which is /n/, sometimes left the /n/ graphically unexpressed (so Kimball 1999: 315–16): li-ik-zi (/linktsi/) ‘he swears’ and li-ik-ta ‘he swore’. 12. The normal rules of cuneiform writing require that a VC sign either occur word-final or be followed by a CV(C) sign. 9). 11). , pár-aḫ-ta represents /parhta/. In some cases, however, evidence shows that a CVC-VC spelling is merely shorthand for CV-CV-VC: LÚḫi-ip-pár-aš or ḫu(-u)-up-pár-aš alongside ḫu-up-pa-ra-aš.

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