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By Edmund Curtis

A concise historical past of eire which covers the interval 6000 BC to 1972.

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Released 1970
Paperback version 1994

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Cloth ISBN: 9780226467504
Published September 1970

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Published February 1994

E-book ISBN: 9780226467108
Published January 2010

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With a grim humour he made himself abbot of Armagh, while his wife Ota sat as a priestess at the high altar of Clonmacnois and delivered heathen oracles. But after lording it in this fashion from 831 to 845 Turgesius was treacherously taken by Turgesius (in ('Maelsechlainn'), king of Meath, Malachy and drowned in Lough Owel. After this many defeats the Irish began to recover, now High He felt that Malachy, and in 848 king, crushed a Norse army at Sciath the cause of Ireland was part of the Nechtain.

According to his opponents, was his second usurpation. Leinster and Dublin were, however, soon leagued against Irish unity and a woman's heart was thrown into the scale. this Malachy was now tired of Gormflath and finally repudiated A HISTORY OF IRELAND 28 her. Turning to her brother Maelmora, she urged him to take the kingdom of Leinster, to which he had a royal claim, to unite with Sitric, and then between them break the double yoke of Malachy and Brian. Brian, however, marched up from Kincora, and in 999 at Glenmama, on the mountain slope of Saggard, west of Dublin, routed the Norse and Leinster allies under Maelmora and Sitric and marched victor into Dublin.

To be at once 'king of the Leinstermen and of the foreigners' was a proud title which the Leinster kings had not enjoyed since the first Dermot, but Dermot II meant to be all this. In the struggle of provincekingdoms Leinster too should play its old part, and according to the Book of Rights there was nothing to bar its claim to the High kingship. Dermot was not a complete barbarian; indeed he was a patron of culture and religion. His palace at Ferns had in its Book of Leinster, written about 1150; here he founded an abbey, and similarly he endowed All Saints in Dublin as well as Jerpoint and library one of the glories of Irish literature, the Baltinglas.

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