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Both classes were to employ as many lictors as were usual in the capital. He ordered further that they were to put on the insignia of their office immediately on leaving the pomerium* and were to wear them continually until they should return. The heads of imperial provinces, on the other hand, were to be chosen by himself and be his agents, and they were to be named propraetors even if they were from the ranks of the ex-consuls. Of these two names which had for long been prevalent under the republic he gave that of praetor to the class chosen by him because from very early times war had been their care, and he called them also propraetors: the name of consul he gave to the others, because their duties were more peaceful, and called them in addition proconsuls.

Riots ensued, and a state of emergency was declared. , as he proudly records in his Res Gestae (No. I,§§ II-12). Both the powers said by Dio to have been granted to Augustus on this occasion have been questioned. , as he certainly had done ten years earlier. c. he had been a proconsul only, and his imperium was therefore confined to his own provinces. He alludes to his consular imperium in connection with his second and third censuses (No. I, §8). 7· Cassius Dio, LIV. ] was Gaius Sentius. When it was found necessary that a colleague be appointed to hold office with him, for Augustus again refused to accept the place which was being saved for him, an uprising once more broke out in Rome and assassinations occurred, so that the senators voted Sentius a guard.

And since equites and women of note had thus early appeared on the stage, he forbade not only the children of senators, to whom the prohibition had even previously extended, but also their grandchildren, who naturally found a place in the equestrian class, to do anything of the sort again. In these ordinances he let both the substance and the name of the lawgiver and emperor be seen. C. 39 moderate and even came to the aid of some of his friends when their conduct was subjected to official scrutiny.

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