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By Terje Mathiassen

A descriptive grammar of Latvian

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16. Otosan wa tsutome ni deru mae ni nani o suru ka? 17. Uchi no ushiro ni yama ga aru ka? 18. Watak(u)shi no uchi wa yama no sh(i)ta des(u). 19. Okasan wa soto ni deru mae ni cha o nomu. 20. Minasan wa yama made iku ka? 21. Onna wa kawa ni kimono o arau. 22. Kodomo wa chichi to haha o yobu. 23. Dare ga saki ni gakko kara deru ka? 24. Suzuki san wa nan to omou ka ? 25. Yama no temae ni hayai kawa ga aru. 26. Kawa no muko ni uchi ga aru. 27. (U)ma ga kawa no ue o tobu. 28. Yama ni wa h(i)to ga iru.

The final te or de of the gerund and wa are often contracted to cha and ja respectively. ) Examples: Kawa no kinjo ni asonde wa [asonja] dame des(u), You must not play near the river [literally, As for play- ing near the river, it is no good]. Mainichi sampo sh(i)te wa [sh(i)cha] yoroshii, You would do well to take a walk every day [As for taking a walk every day it is all right]. 53. Nagara, while, although, is combined with the continuative base of a verb or with a noun. Examples: Hanashi o shi nagara, While talking Hon o yomi nagara, While reading Shitsurei nagara o toshi wa ikutsu?

I eat beef and chicken alternately. 18. Are there chickens in your garden? 19. I shall go to the river and bring some fish. 20. Are you going to sell the cow and buy a horse ? 21. What was the woman doing ? 28 JAPANESE AS IT Is SPOKEN [§ 43 22. She was buying food. 23. I have both food and drinks. 24. Do you want some water now ? 25. One transfers from the train to the electric car. 26. Yesterday I went to Yokohama and made purchases. 27. What is the food called that you have? 28. It is called chicken.

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