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5. Conclusion In this paper, I have argued for a biclausal analysis of split questions. This account explains why the wh-part has the syntax and semantics of a wh-question, and why the tag is interpreted as a non-wh-question with a focused constituent. Furthermore, the analysis relies on independently motivated mechanisms, such 28 KARLOS ARREGI as wh-movement and ellipsis. Evidence for the analysis has been drawn from the phonology, syntax, and semantics of this construction, and it has been shown to be superior to the previous monoclausal analysis proposed in Camacho 2002.

This will be discussed in the next section. DISCONTINOUS WH-CONSTITUENTS IN BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE 31 3. Discontinuous wh-question patterns correlate with possibilities of PPextraction The possibilities of extraction of PPs out of their nominal domains in BP correlate with the patterns of discontinuous wh-constructions. The generalization and the general schema are presented below. (6) Generalization: Discontinuous wh-questions are restricted to constructions with nominal domains, whose Ns are modified by PPs that can be extracted out of the DP.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Grolla, Elaine. 2000. A Aquisição da Periferia Esquerda da Sentença em Português Brasileiro. Master Thesis, Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Campinas. Kato, Mary. 1987. ”. Delta 3. 243-252. Lopes Rossi, Maria Aparecida. 1993. “Estudo Diacrônico sobre as interrogativas do português”. Português Brasileiro: uma viagem diacrônica ed by Ian Roberts & Mary Kato, 307-342. Campinas: Ed. Unicamp. Mioto, Carlos. 2001. “Sobre o sistema CP no português Brasileiro”.

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